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Collect data, make a map

You have a yield monitor, but what value are you harvesting from the yield data it produces? MyFarms automatically converts yield data from any display into a standard format and a map that is easy to interpret. This makes your data more portable, and solves two industry wide problems: data consistency and quality.

From maps to decisions, right now

Work with a MyFarms partner to bring your map data into a fully automated seeding strategy that includes the best genetic, trait, treatment and population combination for each field based upon your unique soil types and management practices. Plus, share your maps with trusted advisors who can convert them into smarter fertility and spraying recommendations.

Convert hope into precision

Ever feel like you’re guessing with variable rate seeding? You know that some hybrids “flex” and others don’t, but how do you work that into a planting map? MyFarms builds custom, industry-leading software for our partners so they can combine their genetic research with your map data to deliver recommendations backed by science.

Planting is most important

Studies show that planting the right genetic, trait, treatment, and population combination is the most important farming decision you will make each year. MyFarms has teamed with leading seed suppliers to help you maximize the return on your seed investment.
Automatically combine your unique soil types and operational knowledge with all your suppliers’ seed, chemistry, and fertilizer research to find the best product and rate recommendations for each field.

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Never lose your seeding plan again

Have you ever written down where seed products should be planted, only to lose the paper they were written on? Now you can build a game plan for each field that can be managed online or printed (again).

Don't lose chemistry

New herbicide and trait options enter the market each year. Be ahead of the curve by tracking where each herbicide tolerant seed product is planted and avoid applying chemistry on the wrong field.

Calculate your planting, fertilizer, and spraying purchase

Build up your input plan for each field, then run reports across the operation to know how much of each source you need to buy.

You don’t have time to mess with tech.

Technology shouldn’t get in the way of farming. Our step-by-step guidance automates as much of the process as possible. And if you want, a trusted advisor can enter your data into your private MyFarms profile as a value-added service, so it’s waiting for you next time you log in.

You’re independent, so are we

Many seed, chemical, and machinery companies are jumping into the software business with the goal of managing as much field data as possible. MyFarms will never sell or price seed, chemistry, or machinery products based on yield data. Software is all we do.

Combine your soil types and operational knowledge with your seed supplier's seed, chemistry, and fertilizer research to find the best product and rate for each field.