The people at MyFarms are passionate about maximizing the global food supply. We build practical technology that helps input suppliers, farmers, and grain buyers work together more efficiently.  Today, MyFarms is used by thousands of farmers and dozens of companies on millions of acres from the Midwest to South Africa to maximize farming efficiency.

Farmers First

Chris Fennig and his father, Steve, had the idea for MyFarms in 2010 after Chris spent years studying how other supply chains share data for mutual benefit. Their farming operation is a Hoosier homestead, raising corn and soybeans for four generations.

Steve began mapping yields in 1995. He was convinced that building a performance history for each field held long-term value for the family and hoped his suppliers would combine this data with their product knowledge to help him make better decisions.

After waiting fifteen years for that, Chris and the MyFarms team decided to build an electronic bridge between farmers and suppliers with the goal of making better decisions in a mutually respectful way.