Tools to minimize risk and manage your farm

Examples of what users can do

Field Boundaries

  • Enter an address near your field and select a pre-defined boundary.
  • Or, upload field boundary files you export from another application.
  • Field boundaries lay the foundation to capture every farming operation.


  • Create hand-drawn management zones based on field experience.
  • Or, upload as-planted, yield, and management zone data from any display or software and sit back while MyFarms converts it into a standard format.
  • Then explore Yield x Soil Type, Yield x Product, and Yield x Planting Rate results.


  • Maps aren't used by the majority of farmers. Forms deliver flexible, simple record-keeping for those who don't use field mapping technology.
  • Track all relevant details of your planting, spraying, and fertilizer operations.
  • Share them with trusted advisors and receive feedback on best management practices.


  • Summarize field-specific plans to calculate your total seed purchase.
  • Use more than a gut feeling - analyze map data with downloadable PDF's.
  • Receive a Placement Summary Report from your seed advisor and implement your plan for each field.

Seed Placement

  • Your farming methods drive your seed choice and planting rate through our step-by-step guide.
  • Combine the best of what you know about your land with the scientific research collected by seed companies you trust.
  • Discover the best genetic, trait, treatment, and population for each field.

Variable Rate Seeding

  • No field data? No problem. The Rx Plan automatically flexes around the best of what you know about each field to identify the best seeding rate for each acre.
  • You can use soil types to create your seeding strategy without extra effort. If you have experience in a field, you can create hand-drawn management zones. Or if you have yield maps, bring them into the conversation with your seed advisor. MyFarms takes the best of what you know to find the best rate for each acre.
  • Then take the controls to establish variable rate seeding ranges you are comfortable with, and watch our state-of-the-art automation crunch the numbers to find the best population for each acre.