Your sustainable ag opportunity

Nobody is in a better position to help farmers make sustainable farming decisions than you, their indendent crop advisor or local ag retailer. You recognize that consumers want more information about how their food is produced and you know it's best for farmers to change on their own terms rather than waiting for new regulations to dictate how and what they grow. That's where you come in.

Farming decisions only you can recommend

Here are some examples of how sustainability can be incorporated into your unique product and services offering.

For a given field and production system, anonymously pool client production experiences with those of hundreds or thousands of others to determine whether and to what extent nitrogen management products, methods, and technologies show an economic return.

For example, now you'll be able to demonstrate whether technologies like dynamic nitrogen models, on-the-go-sensors and nitrogen stabilizers show a positive economic return. You can also assign a trustworthy dollar value to pulling soil samples, making variable rate fertilizer recommendations, and splitting nitrogen applications.

Do well by doing good

Using MyFarms to incorporate sustainability into your customer discussions can help build loyalty and drive optimal production decisions, while reducing their environmental impact. Ag Retailers, in particular, report that making sustainability a company priority improves talent acquisition and retention, since people want to work for an organization aligned with their values.

Your business is unique. Your sustainable ag offering should be too.

Here is our typical approach to working with ag retailers:

1. Meet with your agronomy team to list the farming decisions you influence today.
2. Work together to figure out which decisions can be enhanced by insights returned by third-party sustainability calculators.
3. Configure an automated report that identifies which management decisions are likely to affect each field most.
4. Provide training, support, and enhancements to ensure your sustainability initiative is successful long-term.

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