Leverage the data you already have

  • Export field boundaries from your existing software and upload them to MyFarms as a starting point in your sustainability discussions.

  • Instead of filling out forms, upload map data to MyFarms so your customer can automatically pass average values to a sustainability calculator.

  • Engage our solutions team to facilitate seamless data transfer between your system and MyFarms.

Calculate Seed, Spray, and Fertilizer Orders

  • The Planting, Fertilizer, and Spraying reports calculate the total amount of each product needed to implement cropping plans previously passed to a sustainability calculator.

Sustainability Highlights

Energy Efficiency

  • Farmers who submit sustainability data receive free access to a benchmark report that analyzes energy invested in a crop relative to yield.

  • Production efficiency will be presented side-by-side with twenty of his closest peers, while keeping the identity of each strictly confidential.

  • This report converts sustainability data into interactive decision support.

Field Map Summary Report

  • Growers who utilize yield monitoring or variable rate technology can easily upload this data into MyFarms. We take care of finding the average yield for irrigated and dryland zones, then the grower can automatically submit it to the Fieldprint Calculator.

  • Growers can also run yield data analysis to better understand how soil types, planting rates, and seed products compare across their operation.