Energy Efficiency

  • Farmers who submit sustainability data receive free access to a benchmark report that analyzes energy invested in a crop relative to yield.
  • Production efficiency will be presented side-by-side with twenty of his closest peers, while keeping the identity of each strictly confidential.
  • This report converts sustainability data into interactive decision support.

Input Procurement Planning

  • Create planting, fertilizer, and spraying plans at the field level before buying these important inputs, then run a report in one click to calculate the total amount of each product to purchase.
  • This same planning data can be passed automatically to the Fieldprint® Platform by the grower, so two jobs can be done in the time of one.

Hourly Weather Data

  • Make decisions about future spraying operations based on expected wind speed and direction. 
  • Prepare for an EPA audit by automatically recording wind speed and direction data for previously completed spraying applications. 
  • View historical rainfall data for specific fields to understand the role weather played in your productivity.

Crop Scouting Alerts

  • Track the maturity of each field by tracking the growing degree days that have accumulated since the planting date. 
  • Growers who work with one of our seed partners can also receive field-specific disease risk alerts via email.

Precision Ag Map Analysis

  • Farmers who utilize yield monitoring or variable rate technology can easily upload this data into MyFarms. 
  • We take care of finding the average yield for irrigated and dryland zones, then the farmer can automatically submit it to sustainability calculators. 
  • Growers can also run yield data analysis to better understand how soil types, planting rates, and seed products compare across their operation.

Seed Placement

  • Your farming methods drive your seed choice and planting rate through our step-by-step guide.
  • Combine the best of what you know about your land with the scientific research collected by seed companies you trust.
  • Discover the best genetic, trait, treatment, and population for each field.

Variable Rate Seeding

  • No field data? No problem. The Rx Plan automatically flexes around the best of what you know about each field to find the best seeding rate for each acre.
  • You can use soil types to create your seeding strategy or if you have experience in a field, draw or upload management zones. 
  • Then take the controls to establish seeding ranges you like and watch our state-of-the-art automation crunch the numbers to find the best population for each acre.